About HDR

My father used to tell me to ”dream big and never compromise quality”. So when I began to dream about managing a herd of mule deer, I followed his advice. My dream was to create a mule deer hunting paradise that would be second to none. I created a draft plan and continued to expand it. I included very specific steps as my dream began to take shape on paper.
In 2003, I began to assemble a team that had a shared vision. While whitetail herd management had grown significantly and there were a lot of hunting ranches to model after, there was very limited information available on managing a mule deer herd. So the project started slowly, but momentum quickly increased.

From the very beginning the mission for High Desert Ranch has been to develop and manage a mule deer herd that would offer the best hunting in the country. The first plan of action was to close High Desert Ranch to hunting for the past six years. This allowed the mule deer herd to multiply and mature. Our primary goal going forward is to be the preferred mule deer hunting destination. We have been working diligently to optimize a game management plan to maximize our chances of reaching our goals.

While we were working diligently on improving the herd, we began planning a hunting lodge that would allow our clients to enjoy their experience to the utmost. After multiple reviews and revisions the final plans took shape, and we began construction in the fall of 2008. We worked through a number of construction issues and completed the lodge in January of 2010. You can get a reasonable feel for the comfort within and around the lodge by clicking on the lodge tab, but to really appreciate it, you need to experience it during a hunt. The lodge and the fire pit offer a comfortable atmosphere for fellowship and sharing hunting stories. You will have the opportunity to fully relax.

With the facilities complete and the herd continuing to improve, I invite all hunters who have a passion for mule deer hunting to experience High Desert Ranch. You the client are the most important part of making our dream a reality. Our dedicated staff will do everything possible to have you reach your dream of a hunt of a life time and a wall hanger mule deer. I know that you will fully enjoy your visit to the Land of Enchantment.

Steve Foutz,
Managing Member

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