Ranch Background

Rising out of the desert grasses of east-central New Mexico, is the mule deer hunting paradise.  In a high section of the 70,000 acres of High Desert Ranch is a 3200 acre class A park that is home to a mule deer herd that is second to none.  As one leaves the highway, the elevation is 5000 feet and the terrain is rolling grassland that is dotted with cholla cactus. You might see several of the Black Angus cattle that make up the 800 head in our cow/calf operation. The road winds and climbs for over 11 miles to an elevation of over 6200 feet. As the elevation increases, the landscape changes as juniper and pinion pine appear and the grass gets shorter.  As you approach the lodge, the scenery is quite stunning, and you immediately notice the tall ponderosa pines that lend some shade to the lodge.  This is New Mexico…Land of Enchantment!

Hunting in the preserve is guided with one hunter/guide unless the client chooses to hunt with a spouse, son/daughter, or a friend.  Hunting can be from a tower blind, ground blind, tree stand, still hunting and/or spot and stalk through the heavy cover.  Hunters can choose their weapon of choice to harvest their mule deer. You are sure to see a good number of bucks on each hunt.  The buck to doe ratio is approximately 2 to 1.  Your guide will help you field judge the bucks.
Following the harvest and retrieval of your buck, the guide will help preserve memorable moments with pictures.  Your deer will then be transported to the processing building for cooling, and skinning. Hunters can continue hunting…additional deer are available, or you can hunt with a camera or videocam.

HDR Hunt Manager:

High Desert Ranch is a family owned and run hunting ranch in New Mexico. It has been managing a successful cow/calf operation for seven years. They have been developing and managing a trophy mule deer herd since 2004. Commercial hunting of the ranch will begin in November of 2010.
Brian Cline is the Hunt Manager. He was introduced to hunting as a young boy while living in Colorado. He has a real passion for mule deer and couse deer hunting because of the challenges that each species presents. Over the years Brian has refined his hunting skills and been very successful in pursuing his passion. He will use his expertise and hunting skills to give hunting clients the kind of experience that hunting mature mule deer bucks is known to deliver.

Additionally, Brian is a very skilled marksman. He and Steve, founder and managing family member, routinely practice at the rifle range they built on HDR that goes out to 1000 yards. Yes, that is correct?1000 yards. Both can routinely shoot small groups at all distances. While most shots at HDR are less than 300 yards, both Brian and Steve can assist even the most skilled hunter improve their shooting skills.
The entire family is dedicated to customer service. All will do everything possible to assure a great experience at HDR. Each is committed to fulfilling your dream of hunting for and harvesting a trophy mule deer.

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