Since my first mule deer hunt in 1955, I have been on many good mule deer hunts. Last year at High Desert Ranch, I was fortunate to take the best Mule Deer of my 55 years of hunting.

After seven years of management, the desert mule deer at High Desert Ranch are great. With the dedication of the ownership and staff, I am convinced High Desert Ranch will, in years to come, produce the biggest and finest desert mule deer in the world.

In addition to great deer hunting, High Desert Ranch provides excellent accommodations with the lodge and the food and with the staff’s attention to every detail.
I am so pleased to be returning to High Desert Ranch this fall. I look forward to seeing what High Desert Ranch has grown this year.
Des Woods

”...there was a chill in the air as I sat beneath the cedar brush. Every inch of me was in camouflage while all around me were desert mule deer of every shape and size. Hundreds of them, eating, playing, chasing each other, bucks (big bucks) testing the will of even bigger bucks; I sat motionless for what seemed like an eternity as I watched the panorama before me and thought to myself...this is Heaven!” This is a part of my journal entry from my first visit to High Desert Ranch. I found a quality unsurpassed and made friendships to last a lifetime during my time with them. I dream of returning someday to High Desert Ranch and I’m sure you will too after your first hunt with them!
Carol O’Day
Owner - MG Arms Inc.
2012 Huntress of the Year - Houston Safari Club

Dear Brian,
Please excuse my tardiness in getting this letter you. Since seeing you last I have visited Europe twice and have made two trips to Africa to hunt in both Cameroon and Namibia. Planning and travel along with production of the SCI - El Paso Chapter Newsletters and attendance at the SCI Annual Convention and various chapter banquets have kept me quite busy.

Nonetheless, before I leave on my hunt in Kyrgyzstan next week I want to take a moment to thank you for the great Bronze level Desert Mule Deer hunt I enjoyed at your outstanding facility late last fall.

I had seen your brochure and website and had heard glowing reviews about High Desert Ranch from friends and acquaintances before arriving but was still truly pleased with your lodge and hunting area. While I fondly recall the expertise of the guides and the number of Gold, Silver and Bronze level trophies I observed during my hunt, my wife doesn’t hesitate to tell our friends about the cuisine prepared and served by Chef Zan Mauler and his entire kitchen staff. We were both treated as graciously and warmly as the wives and hunters who were at High Desert Ranch that same week that had elected to hunt Silver level trophies.
Until we see each other again I wish you continued good success with your operation and would welcome inquiries from others considering a Desert Mule Deer hunt at High Desert Ranch.
Donald E. Black

Linda Donaho: The American Huntress
Steve & Brian: Thank you so much for one of the best weeks I´ve ever had! I´ve never seen so many mule deer. Everyday has been a grand adventure; culminating in meeting ´Mr. Big´-my monster Muley.

The lodge, staff, and food belong in a feature article in Conde Nast´s Greatest Resorts. Down Home Family Fun with a World Class Mule Deer Hunting Adventure. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity of filming The American Huntress. Girls, Guns, + High Desert Ranch; It doesn´t get any better!!

Larry Weishuhn, Wildlife Biologist, Outdoor Writer
Host ´A Hunters life with Larry Weishuhn and ´Outfitters Rating with Larry Weishuhn´ I have finally found what I´ve been searching for-a place and people who have a passion & a commitment for mule deer. I am impressed and after many years as a writer, wildlife biologist and TV show host, I am not easily impressed.

The finest food -fabulous facility, mule deer that with time will only grow larger and every bit of important the people who are High Desert Ranch-Attention to detail that is unparallel in the hunting world.

I am truly honored to have spent time on High Desert Ranch and experience enriched by being able to spend time with ´The Natural Born´ killers from Houston Safari Club. Thank you!

Becky Simpson, Conroe, Tx
Words could never express what I have in my heart for this wonderful place and the great people we have come to know. I´m in awe. I want to thank Steve and Debbie, Brian and Lacie, and Carmen along with all of your terrific staff. What a great hunt I have had (the deer are magnificent´. What a great time I have had. Your Friend, Becky

Nancy Ellison, Houston, Texas
This trip to High Desert Ranch has been incredible!!! I can´t put into words how enjoyable the week has been. All I can do is gush & smile & laugh at the good times! The lodge is comfortable and welcoming, the staff & chef are wonderful-the food is absolutely wonderfully delicious and Carmen & Lacie were always friendly & solicitous. My guide Kyle was wonderful as well. It was a true treat to be a guest at this wonderful lodge.

AND to be a huntress at HDR and have the opportunity to see all the magnificent mule deer and then get to take a silver deer was a chance of a lifetime!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a wonderful birthday treat for me and I will treasure my HDR photo album forever

Pug (Estelle) Postyn, Weimar, Tx.
The chance to visit High Desert Ranch in it´s formative years will always be a treasured memory. Each day brought beautiful scenery, impressive animals & great fun. Everyone in our group left sated with good food, fine trophies & great memories. Thanks for a beautiful hunt.

Marla Atkinson, Roswell, NM
11,30,2010 Best lodge, hosts, and of course HUNTING! Great game and guides!! Time of my life-Thanks Steve and to your wonderful staff.

Charlene Sandel, Hamilton, TX
First class accommodations, impeccable service, delicious meals, and of course PREMIER HUNTING!

Thank you High Desert Ranch family for the hunt of my life!!!

I am almost speechless.

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